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Alyse Black
May 15, 2012
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Alyse Black


Hey Sweet Pea! Holy moley. Life is beautiful. Life is chaos. Life is hard. Life is so, so lovely. How’s your Tuesday shaping up? Two things for you: – Did you get your free download of our LIVE cover of “Come Together”? I’m about to pull it from being downloadable, and I want to make sure you get it. Go snag it! – Did you see the video of us at One World Theatre in Austin performing my song “Stood for Stand for” that won Billboard’s Annual World Song Contest? I just posted it this week! Check it! Otherwise, I’ve been in the studio making the lullabies project (“Long Lashes on Blue Lullabies”) with the group, ‘Night, Sweet Pea! It is the most charming thing I’ve ever made. I put the songs playing on repeat and NEVER get sick of them… Simple blown away… Some of THE BEST lullabies out there – like Over the Rainbow, Baby Mine, What a Wonderful World, You Are My Sunshine, and more. Can’t wait to share it with you! We’ll be announcing a small Kickstarter campaign shortly to finish the album and GET IT IN YOUR HANDS! I love and appreciate you so much. So very greatful. xx Alyse

Sat Oct 20 12 Houston, TX Scout Bar

“Her voice immediately draws you in… I’d listen to this myself over a glass of wine in the evening.” — Multi-Platinum Hit Producer, Denny Diante

“[Alyse Black] positively owned the room… We expect you’ll be hearing a lot more from [her] soon. [She] wowed the crowd.” — Keyboard Magazine

“Alyse Black has a voice that stops you in your tracks. It’s a natural voice that someone is simply born with rather than worked on over years… Ms. Black’s voice soars and dives like a bird drifting with the afternoon breeze.” — Doug Morrissey,

Buffalohair, Thingyan, Texas Style

Thingyan, Texas Style

This last month took me to several Buddhist monasteries. One in particular was the *Lien Hoa Buddhist Temple and Monastery in Irving Texas who hosted ‘Thingyan’ for the Burmese community. The event was lead by the Venerable Silar Nanda who presided over the activities, known as the water festival or New Years Celebration. And it was quite an event indeed.


I could not attend all the Thingyan celebrations I was invited to but I am truly glad I made this event. It did not matter from what quarter one resided within the Burmese community smiles and the feeling of joy was universal. Though I was filming the event I did manage to enjoy the traditional foods of Burma and that was a tasty treat to behold. They put on the feed bag Texas Style. Guess you could say the food earned a 5 star rating since there was a variety of ethnic classics to dine on and dine I did.


Nothing like a good ole Buddhist gathering to lift ones spirits and this gathering was no exception. I was there early and you could feel the energy in the air as people began to arrive and it was very heartening to note that everyone pitched in. What I truly enjoyed was watching the kids as they played sang and danced the day away. The entertainment was more a journey of cultural diversity as traditional Thingyan songs were sung from a variety of ethnic groups that attended. It was a culturally enriching celebration and all performances were great. Knowing the suffering these refugees endured before coming  to America it was heart rendering to see them all smiling, laughing and enjoying the celebration, deep in the heart of Texas. Yee Haw!


As I watched the event I could not help but notice the care that was given for every detail in costume and performance by even the youngest kids who danced their tribal dances. I was entranced by the exotic movements of the performers, the precision movements of their arms, legs and hands. The grace and elegance added to the allure of their traditional dance. Then a group of Rakhine men came on stage to perform their Thingyan dance. Dressed in their traditional regalia they literally were show stoppers with their robust Rakhine songs and dance. What stamina, their sets lasted over 10 minutes a piece! These guys rocked big time and I found myself singing along with them as they mesmerized their audience with this energized performance.


Outside of the temple was joyous and full of laughter as the water festival played out in true Thingyan style. Everyone got into the act as water cannons, squirt bottles and anything that would hold water ushered in the New Year while offering good will for the future. There was a unique ride of sorts at this event I found quite entertaining and that was **‘Paul’s Gyrogym’. The Gyrogym was originally use by NASA to train astronauts and basically this device spun you every way from up and down to sideways, sort of like simulating a space capsule tumbling in space. This gyrogym was an awesome addition to the Thingyan Celebration. It would appear all these kids were made of the right stuff because they loved this futuristic relic of the Space Program and no one lost their lunch. And there was Paul with his Viking Helmet with those horns spinning the kids around. All I saw were plenty of smiles and maybe a glimpse of a future Burmese Astronaut.


After looking into this device it would appear there are some major health benefits to all this spinning around. If you never saw one it would be worth checking out for fun or health reasons. Hmm, that was some shameless promotion eh. In any event this Thingyan Celebration was a great success and a wonderful time for everyone within the Burmese community to sing and laugh together. It was a privilege to be a part of this festival and to share in the merriment and I’ll definitely come back next year. Did I mention that the food was excellent? Well it was and I do love the variety of ethnic foods this event had to offer. This event was truly a taste of Burma in more ways than one and the Venerable Silar Nanda served his community well.


*Lien Hoa Buddhist Monastery & Temple


** Irving,Texas


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Review The Phantom of the Opera Phantom

Phantom 1Phantom Finale


You are not watching a play on a stage. Oh no!!!!!!

You find that You are  part of

Phantom of the  Opera its self !!!!!!!!!



But before you get to the theatre, there is the tour of the interconnection walk ways with bridges of all the shops of the Hotels and then there is the town strip.


After walking in a circle for miles!!!!! Paying from $3.00 to $7.00 for a small bottle of water. Paying $10.00 for a small cup of ice cream. You start to notice things!!!!!!!


A WalGreen across the street on the strip,with your regular town prices, another spot where ice cream may be only $3.00. Even a Dennys for a breakfast at regular home prices. With Only one place that had terrific tasting coffee! Now where was that again? If you want a free drink, get it from a waitress! Do not order from the  bar and get a sip for another $10. 00. Well, at least you will not get drunk on a sip! Oh and that guy on one of the bridges selling water for $1.00 a bottle, is a great buy!!!!!! There is a free Water Fountain Show, And a free indoor flower Garden to visit.


Fountains at Bellagio – Fountains at Bellagio Las Vegas …
Using a dramatic combination of music, water and light, the Bellagio in Las Vegas delivers spectacular performances with its majestic fountains.
  Yes and Next time get a golf cart to ride around in?


It is the ideal place to visit for losing weight! As you can not afford the food or drinks and you get lots of exercise!!!!!


If you have someone with failing eye sight with you, realize the bright lights and all the fireworks really hurts their eyes even more!


But then to make it all worth while, besides being with ones you love. You go and enjoy……..



The Phantom of the Opera Phantom



You are  in the front row seats at one side. The perfect seats as you are right there with the actors and become part of it all !!!!!!! As you bought the tickets at the theatre itself at a much lower cost and with the helpful lady at the theatre showing you where the best seats are, you could then choose where you wanted to sit in the theatre!


You are surrounded by draped walls with ropes over head and part of the chandelier hanging down sort of on its side, from the ceiling over the audience. Well, right over your head really! You hear young people behind you, trying to figure out what the ropes are for, maybe it is all  just for looks? As no way, can that  huge section of the chandeleir move on those ropes!!!!!!!! But as the auction starts, they are selling off the items right there in the theatre itself ……… things change suddenly as they start to sell that part of the chandelier! You are taken back in time and are really there! The young people do not say another word !!!!!!!! Wow!!!!!!


At all times the very real , Great Actors are facing you, no matter where you are seated, you never see their backs.  Well,Until in an amazing way, you find yourself back stage behind them? What???? Now how did that happen?


The actors are living their parts and their faces show it!!!!! You also notice the drapes on the walls are now all gone!!!!!!!!!!! There are people sitting in their boxes watching with you! The ceiling over head has turned into the night sky! It is one of the most well thought out set designs ever! The designers did a terrific job, over the top!!!!!!!!


You just have to see it in person, it is so amazing!!!!!!!!



Official site for the Las Vegas permanent production of ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ at the Venetian Hotel and Casino. Offers news, cast list, tickets and newsletter



The Phantom of the Opera Phantom-The Las Vegas Spectacular

Phantom – The Las Vegas Spectacular will never be seen again like this with its dazzling special effects, custom-built theatre, breathtaking chandelier and