Red Nation Launches First American Indian TV Channel

Joanelle Romero

Red Nation Launches First American Indian TV Channel
Indigenous Content Shown at NIGA Conference

Los Angeles, CA – Red Nation is thrilled to announce the re-launch of the first and best American Indian and Indigenous television channel at the National Indian Gaming Association’s (NIGA) annual meeting, April 3-4, 2012 in San Diego, CA.

The Red Nation Television Channel is a predecessor to the Red Nation Film Festival and Awards Gala—“The Authentic Voice of American Indian and Indigenous Cinema”—now in its 9th season. This past November, the festival reached more than 10 million viewers in 37 countries, its most successful year ever.

“We are proud of the diverse talent we were able to present to the world,” says Red Nation president and founder Joanelle Romero. “The Red Nation Television Channel extends this effort, increasing the awareness of Native filmmakers and bringing their work to a worldwide audience.” “This year’s support of the media took on a whole new dimension for us, placing us at the top with other known festivals and award shows such as Los Angeles Film Festival, The Oscars, Spirit Awards, Tribeca Film Festival, and Sundance Film Festival,” says Romero.

“Because of the audience and media interest in our film festival and TV channel, Red Nation has received inquiries from major movie distribution companies. We hope to see more Native films funded and produced in the near future.”

A sad reminder

“The passing of Richard Milanovich, chairman of the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians, reminds us how far we’ve come and how far we have to go.” says Romero. “He was a visionary leader who supported Red Nation’s work. He was there in 2006 when Red Nation founded the American Indian Heritage Month in Los Angeles, the same year he launched the Agua Caliente Casino Resort Spa.”

“Chairman Milanovich worked tirelessly to promote a greater understanding of and opportunities for his people,” says Romero. “Red Nation is glad to be at the NIGA conference this year to continue his work: promoting Native images, voices, and stories through new media and the arts.”

We encourage NIGA attendees to join us at booth #2858 to see the Red Nation Television Channel in action. We look forward to meeting you and hope we can partner to share your stories with America.

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Dallas/Fort Worth area Hong Kong Market Place is an excellent Asian culinary adventure

Buffalohair Quote:

“On a positive note; if per chance you’re in the Dallas/Fort Worth area **Hong Kong Market Place is an excellent place to begin your Asian culinary adventure, Yee Haw! It’s like taking a trip to Asia without getting felt up by TSA. Hmm, I miss the intimacy though.”

Bon Appetit’


Buffalohair Quote:

“In defense of legitimate Chinese and other Asian entrepreneurs there are many excellent Asian Buffets & Restaurants that don’t use and abuse their employees, let alone serve pre-eaten foods. I’ve explored Asian restaurants around the country and it’s been a wonderful culinary experience for the most part. Why am I so lucky? Well, I always eat where the Asians eat and if I want to explore a new kitchen I simply ask one of my friends. They know where to go and it’s a foodie’s paradise if you know what to look for.”



Check out his rule of thumb list in the last Post, From his News Story!

BUFFETS: Behind Asian Smiles, A River of Tears Part 3

BUFFETS: Behind Asian Smiles, A River of Tears Part 3

With Chinese corporations permeating the Asian restaurant scene within the United States I’ve been doing an on going investigation. Previous stories exposed some very disturbing facts about some mainland Chinese food corporations who use Taiwan as a store front. FOXCONN is a classic example of a Chinese shill corporation that abuses employees for fun and profit. From Human Trafficking to the sale of rancid food, I’ve uncovered some distasteful facts from many employees who work or worked in Chinese owned  kitchens. Now I have another update that will peel the varnish off your chopsticks.

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The Best Restaurant In The World Is ?


And the Best Restaurant In America Is …


“For years, if you were to ask 10 restaurant experts what the best restaurant in the world was, nine out of 10 would have agreed: Ferran Adria’s El Bulli, in northeast Spain. There was El Bulli, then there was a large handful of other universally- admired restaurants, no one of which could definitively have been considered second-best. That meant that when El Bulli closed, last summer, a power vacuum opened up in the world in high-end gastronomy.”


“The top spot in Elite Traveler list went instead to Chicago’s Alinea, which Restaurant magazine calls the best restaurant in America. Alinea’s chef Grant Achatz, like Ferran Adria, is known for incorporating lessons from science and industry into his cooking.

Most of the other restaurants near the top of the Elite Traveler rankings are mainstays on these sorts of lists. Number two went to Heston Blumenthal’s The Fat Duck, in Bray, England, while third place went to Thomas Keller’s New York restaurant Per Se. The most unusual feature of the full list, available in PDF form here, is a surprising abundance of restaurants in the U.S. and the U.K..”


What is your Choice?