China Jade, Chinese Cuisine at it’s Best in Fort Worth Texas

There is no question I travel frequently around the country covering news. One of the advantages of my globe trotting is the fact I can sample cuisine from a myriad of cultures in the process. Since I do lots of news from within the Asian communities I also enjoy their cuisine as well. On my latest trip to the Federation of Texas I was fortunate to discover a fabulous Chinese restaurant called China Jade in South Fort Worth. And let me tell you, this place totally rocks.

OK so I heard about this place from a friend of a friend of a friend, you know the story. Sometimes suggested places are good and sometimes the place serves cardboard with a dash of salt, tamarind and shrimp paste. Fortunately *China Jade was an exceptional Asian eatery worth bragging about and deserving of the accolades I heard prior to my arrival. Unlike many other Asian restaurants China Jade is a unique place that is family owned and operated where quality is the primary concern. They have been in continuous business in Forth Worth for over 25 years. Let it be known their meals have Texas written all over it since you get your monies worth in more ways than one for they don’t compromise flavor for quantity. Every bite is good to the very last and I mean that.

I enjoy the Volcano or Pu Pu platter where you get a sampling of ribs, eggroll and a sundry assortment of appetizers including kabobs with a mini grill in the center of the tray. Usually the ribs need a healthy set of teeth to pry the meat off the skimpy bone and the kabobs resemble sticks with jerky on them. This was not the case at China Jade for I was served some very tender and tasty ribs. The eggrolls were fabulous and there was an assortment of kabobs to choose from along with Dumplings and Potstickers and all portions were sizable and very scrumptious. In fact the platter was a meal unto itself and I began to wonder if I had room for a main course.

On this occasion I ordered Peking Duck and this was also a pleasant surprise since the duck was prepared just the way I like it and again, the portions were Texas style. Of course it tasted fantastic and was on par with some of the very high end places I’ve eaten at in the past. I mean to say this was definitely a 5 star meal at affordable prices and it was well worth the trip to find this place. In any event I am shamelessly promoting this Chinese restaurant from not only the quality of the food but also for the excellent service I received. The management was very attentive to our needs and they were very cordial making my culinary adventure a most enjoyable one indeed. Their menu has all the favorites and it is a sure bet I will be sampling more of their delicious cuisine in the near future while I’m still in the great state of Texas. This definitely was one of the highlights of this trip thus far. And if you check this place out I know you will agree that China Jade truly rocks. And they do deliver eh….

Your Devil’s Advocate

* China Jade
Chinese Cuisine
5274 South Hulen Street
Forth Worth, Texas 76132
(817) 292-1611     


Buffalohair, The ARC of the Pikes Peak Region Annual Dinner: Entering the Star Gate

The ARC of the Pikes Peak Region Annual Dinner: Entering the Star Gate

On May 21st The ARC of the Pikes Peak Region held and annual dinner and awards ceremony at the palatial Crowne Plaza Hotel. For those of you not aware of The ARC, it is an advocacy group dedicated to serving developmentally and intellectually challenged people of all age groups. They provide education and opportunities to people who would normally fall through the cracks in society. In any event I was there to do follow up interviews pertaining to the Joe Arridy story, an intellectually challenged person who was wrongfully executed many years ago. But what I discovered at the banquet was truly out of this world.


I’ve covered many stories from around the world and have grown quite cynical since humanity for the most part has been displaced by the concerns of material consequence. Fortunately this was not the case in Colorado Springs, Colorado on this hallowed night. Personally it was more like entering the proverbial Star Gate and being whisked away to a different universe inhabited by truly benevolent beings. The banquet was superb with the grace and elegance of a truly royal gathering. There was entertainment provided by Phil Taylor and the Bottom Line that added the perfect touch to this gala event. The meal was excellent and earned a 5 star rating from a culinary point of view.


Executive director Teddi Roberts gave a riveting speech along with other wonderfully talented people of this organization. World renowned Philanthropist and humanitarian Robert Perske and Terri Roberts awarded Denver Attorney David Martinez the first ever Robert Perske Justice for All Award for his invaluable efforts in garnering a pardon for Joe Arridy (Photo). Governor Bill Ritter sent a personal video message to ARC and honored the descendants of attorney Gail Ireland, the attorney who fought in vain to save the life of Joe Arridy. The event was not centered on Joe Arridy though but a multitude of accomplishments this truly noble organization, its members and donors were involved in over the last year. But what stole the show for me was the honors given to the beautiful people The ARC were dedicated to.


The smiles of joy these wonderful human beings gave as they received their awards were ever so endearing. I found it hard to hold back the tears as they gleamed with pride for they truly faced down and conquered their disabilities to become an integral part of society. In a world that has become deaf to the cries of the innocent it was refreshing earnest and selflessness. If only I could take them back through the Star Gate to the world from which I reside. They could teach our primitive life forms the lessons of kindness and understanding, what a wonderful planet it could be. But alas, this is only science to be among true champions of humanity on this stellar night. I was surely on another galaxy where people cared for one another in fiction for the planet I live does not comprehend nor is capable of understanding the axiom of love and compassion. Besides, I would not want to run the risk of contaminating something as pure and beautiful as The ARC and all their inhabitance.


Your Devil’s Advocate

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