Things to do During the End of the World, May 21st

It’s May 21st and to some this will mark the end of the world. Well, I had better put on my End O the World Boxers. Nothing worst then being caught with color coded underwear in an accident or ‘the end of the world’ I always say. It seems like a nice day and I have to shoot some film anyway so maybe I’ll catch the final moments of earth since my camera will be up and running. But there is a problem though, who will watch my film after we are all gone?

From the Mayan perspective we are already nearing the end of a cycle but not the ‘end of the world’. In fact from many dogmatic perspectives we simply are coming to an end of cycles but the ‘end of the world’ was not mentioned. Funny how within the very faith some bonehead proclaims to profess ‘the end of the world’ there is a passage about this time of change, “The meek shall inherit the earth”. Hmm, how can the meek inherit the earth if the world ended? Maybe he spilled coffee on that page of his sacred book or something.

Oh well, it is not my place to judge and if it’s the end of the world for him and his follower then so be it. As for me, I’m going to load up my equipment, join my film crew and do some interviews with a group of humanitarians, eat some chow and possibly have a couple of brews, Canadian of course. Then if the ‘end of the world’ happens to arise I’ll cancel my other projects and watch the show. After all, I will have a front row seat if everything goes to hell in a hand basket.

From my tribal tradition, there is no end of the world but it is imperative that we seek out our own spirituality for our covenant with the Creator is a personal one. The key to surviving this time of change is to maintain our connection within our respective dogma and have absolute faith. Though my people believe we will face many tribulations during this time of change, ‘the end of the world’ is not one of them. Maybe my ancestors spilled coffee on their oral traditions but I doubt it since their prophecies have been right on course since time immemorial.

But in a lemming society people will follow rather than seek out the truth for themselves. It really does not matter which dogma or ideological principle one follows since the answers to surviving any obstacle or challenge on earth, spirit world or space is written in black and white or carved in stone. Within my tradition we believe the Creator sent many messengers throughout the universe to teach of right and wrong, good and evil and other moral principles for man to imbibe in during their stay on earth or other celestial body life exists on. And it is up to us to have the ability to recognize the right messenger that would come to warn us of any impending danger that lies before mankind. But that is up to the individual to discern within their respective dogmas and it is not my place to force my tradition on others. Besides, my dogma is relatively boring by western standards since we don’t have flashy TV shows and other goodies like that. We just pray, walk in a good way and follow our hearts and spirits.

For that matter, many people don’t realize nor pay attention to their respective dogmas or ideological principle for they don’t recognize the signs that were given. In any event this should be a warning to everyone that it is up to the individual to seek out the truth and not listen to some bonehead rather than read their sacred texts or oral traditions. Spirituality is a universal concept and not relegated to one specific dogma or ideological principle. One must be honest to them selves and not be influenced by mere mortals who proclaim they are the ultimate source of knowledge of dogmatic truth. Cutting off my testicles and hopping a comet is not in my equation either, remember Heavens Gate? Besides, I’ve grown fond of the boys and parting would be such sorrow eh. I am comfortable within my dogma and I don’t need some dork breathing down my neck telling me what G*D said since I dial direct and cut out the middleman. And I think you should do the same, capice?

Your Devil’s Advocate