MEPIC ANNUAL TRADITIONAL INTER-TRIBAL POW WOW, in California high desert, May 7-8 2011

Located alongside an old riverbed in the high desert. The park offers lush plant growth, acres of waterways impressive stands of cottonwood and willows and broad meadows all naturally landscaped by nature. The traditional Pow Wow will be held in a pristine oasis that offers group and RV camping, picnic sites, year round fishing, nature trails, hiking and equestrian trails. The MEPIC Pow Wow supplants 16 year old Hesperia Lakes Pow Wow, as of 2010 a change of venue. Vendors will offer authentic handmade Native American crafts, wares and food. Visitors are welcome to explore Tipi Village and Special Native American workshops for children and their families. Playground and Water Park Saloon will be available for children. With plans to be the largest Pow Wow in the California High Desert for 2011.
10:00 — Dusk @ Day!! Rain or Shine!!!