One thought on “The Judds on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network

  1. I watched this series on OWN..personally I am SICK of these spoiled,unhappy,unthankful,people. Wynonna is spoiled,disprespectful of her mother,synical,ungrateful of her blessings,has a sick,pittiful outlook on life and shows nothing but negative. If I was Naomie I would have booted her sorry ass out long ago and let her live her life with REAL work and learn something about real life! Wynonna has a perperutal snear on her face……lets all wipe it off by NOT BUYING THEIR RECORDS OR WATCHING THIS TERRIBLE TRASH ON OWN…..personally I am totally turned off of hearing celebrity boo hoos…My mind is not a garbage can for their JUNK…..wake up you two and get a real job and a REAL life!

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