Bunky Echo-Hawk Upcoming SHOWS!!!!

Rhymes & Runways at the Paparazzi Nightclub! ya HEARD!

Coming to a wall or stage near YOU!

Nawa All! Here’s the spot for Saturday night of GON! RHYMES & RUNWAYS . . .

Location: Paparazzi Night Club
Time: ‎9:00PM Saturday, April 30th
Address 9401 COORS BLVD. NW
Albuquerque, NM, 87114, US (map it!)
Phone (505) 896-9554

A Chat with Ann/Jage

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Hi folks!

Great to see you here! Thank you for stopping by!I notice a number of you want to comment on our posts! Which is Wonderful!

But did you know when your comment has links in it, it heads for the Spam mail box? What happens to every comment in the Spam mail box? It goes up in flames! So please, if you really want to comment? No links please! We would love to hear from you but in the Comment mail box!

Hope all is well with you and your family!

I just dodged another Tornado here last night! Yes, Buffalohair and I were talking on the phone, as he was redesigning his Site Buffalohair Universe . The Tornado was going back and forth across the landscape. The thunder was rolling across the skies, rain was pouring down between the quite centers of the storms!  Here I was on line with him, as we talked on the phone! lol Yes, usually I have everything shut off during these storms! But I was protected once again!

Oh and did you know? I am also on this Midwest Fault line with the on going earthquakes! Yikes, an exciting place to be living in, at this moment in time!

So friends leave out the links and chat with us!

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JR Redwater Presents Chiefs of Comedy at the Landmark

Jr. Redwater Fan Page If
you live in Denver, do not miss out on the Chiefs of Comedy! I invite
all you fans that live in Denver regional area to come out and have a
great time with me and my friends! Share this with your friends and
contact me if you wanna help me promote. Lets do this!!

Location: The Landmark Comedyworks
Time: ‎7:30PM Thursday, May 19th
Thursday, May 19 · 7:30pm – 10:30pm

The Landmark Comedyworks

Greenwood Village, Colorado

Created By

More Info
JR Redwater and Jim Ruel return to the Denver area hot off of their appearances on Showtime. Be prepared to see the hardest hitting standup comedy Native America has to offer.

To Purchase Tickets: