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Mark ThunderWolf says
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Mark ThunderWolf
Other / Native American / Smooth Jazz
Members: John Fershee – Lead Guitar/Vocals, Bill Small – Percussion/vocals

Good Day Everyone!……


I hope that all of you have been able to survive the rough winter weather! We still have a fair amount of snow here in beautiful Montana and the temperatures have certainly been reason to crank up the fireplaces!

In a couple of short weeks I will be flying to Denver to ..finally ..start working with Tom Wasinger in Boulder to get the new upcoming CD “Open Your Heart” recorded. I sent Tom all of the rough tracks so he could get a feel for it and is excited about working with me on it! I am very excited to be working with him as well! Tom has received 3 Grammy’s for music he has produced which includes one of the CD’s he produced for Mary Youngblood! Our plan is to get the all the basics recorded and he will work on adding some arrangements over the next few weeks. Then I will fly back there a second time and work with my drummer to get all the percussion tracks recorded and we will get it mixed and mastered! My goal is to have it released no later than June 1st!

Thanks for all your patience! I have been working on getting the right musicians, the right arrangements and the right feel and message for this CD! So stay tuned and keep your eyes and ears open!

I also wanted to share a very humbling experience I had last week. I have a distributor over in the Netherlands who is an absolutely wonderful woman who sells a lot of my CD’s over there. A few weeks ago I sent her some copies of my most recent print, “Golden Protector”, to sell. I received an email from her saying she had just sold the first one. It seems that there is a man over there who is a big fan and has all of my CD’s and when he heard about this print he called Jackie and told her he just HAD to have a copy of it! That was really wonderful news but what really touched my heart was quite humbling to me…this gentleman is blind and is in a wheelchair! What is more humbling to me is that he studies Judo and will be going to Japan to work with disabled people! I am truly honored to have my music in other countries but even more blessed to have a connection with such a wonderful human being who has proven that “You don’t need eyes to see!” So many of us take things for granted and whine about the most insignificant things and here is someone who simply will not be defeated and will not let any diabilities keep him from enjoying and living life!

I hope that you all have a wonderful week filled with love and laughter and lots of hugs! Be sure and be grateful for all the beauty you ..can ..see and feel!

Walk in beauty…always

Mark ThunderWolf

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