Jesse Green-Guitarist for Buffy Sainte-Marie

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Buffy Sainte-Marie
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Growing up in Vancouver, San Francisco and Winnipeg. Jesse is a product of the HEAVY INDUSTRIAL AGE of METAL, songwriting at fourteen and on the circuit at seventeen. Jesse’s been recording, writing producing and touring since the age of 17. Growing in …the womb listening to Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Albert Collins, Chuck Berry, Muddy Waters and many other influences in the blues, country and rock genres.

Jesse has worked with a wide range of musicians and genres, currently playing guitar for Buffy Sainte-Marie, Jesse has been playing stages around the world, most notably, London England’s Sheppard’s Bush Empire, Paris France’s L’Alhambra, Amstrdam’s Paradiso aswell as cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Glasgow UK, Hamburg & Berlin Germany and Brussels Belgium to name a few. After grinding it out for 20 years, Jesse is finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel and will be writing and recording with Buffy Sainte-Marie in Hawaii in early 2011.

Discography X-Status “Self –titled” 2007 Manitoba Aboriginal Artists Compilation 2005 – 2007 Manitoba Amplified – “Eagles Fly” 2007 Dig Your Roots – “Still Around” Corus Entertainment 2006 Killah Green “Self Titled” 2005 Pyramid Cabaret Search for Ra NRG V – “Still Around” 2004 PeaceMaker single “21st Century Indian” 2001 92 CITI FM Home-grown Vol. 3 Compilation – PeaceMaker “Apocalyptic Love Song” 1996 PeaceMaker “Reservation Dog” 1995 – Jamco International PeaceMaker – “Self-titled” 1993 – Jamco International Award Nominations 2007 Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards’s: Best Rock CD, Aboriginal Entertainer of the Year, Best Group or Duo, Best New Artist, Single of the Year, Best Album Cover Design, Best Producer or Engineer. 2006 Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards’s: Best Rock CD, Best Album Cover Design.

Television & Video Truth and Reconciliation (APTN) 2010 Storytellers in Motion (APTN) 2009 Red Phoenix – Independent Film 2006 Sharing Circle “First Nation Invasion” Documentary Series (APTN/SCN) 2005 Beyond Words “PeaceMaker” (Bravo) 2005 Publications Soar News Letter 2010 – Business Development Bank of Canada – National Business Magazine Say Magazine 2008 – National Entertainment Magazine Spirit Magazine 2007 – National Entertainment Magazine Soar Magazine 2007 – Business Development Bank of Canada – National Business Magazine

Buffy Sainte Marie – Moonshot

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