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Hey! Miss you!

I wanted to say hi and send you this new track…not sure if you’ve heard it yet.

Also, would love it if you’d join my Facebook page…I’m on there every day!  Would love to see you there.  Just click on this link and then click “like” when you get there after you log on.  Write a post!  Let me know you’re from RVN!

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Jana Mashonee says
To: Ann LRD (


Jana Mashonee
“I’ll Be With You”


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For Fans Who Like Blues Yoko Ono Style, It’s Been Very Hard

Yoko Ono 5 - Echo of Moscow

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yokoonoYoko Ono
♬ Listen to Yoko Ono – It’s Been Very Hard… #soundcloud
Yoko Ono: vocals, background vocals
David Spinozza: guitar
Ken Ascher: piano
Gordon Edwards: bass
Jim Keltner: drums
Arthur Jenkins: percussion