Remember this one for TV? Sarah McLachlan – World On Fire

I Will Remember You (Sarah McLachlan song)

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Sarah McLachlan — one of the most gifted and acclaimed singer-songwriters of her generation – will celebrate the 20th anniversary of her multi-platinum record¬ing career with the October 7, 2008 release of Closer: The Best Of Sarah McLachlan.

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Sarah McLachlan – World On Fire

Sarah McLachlan feat. Robbie Robertson –

World On Fire

Tales from the American West in the 19th century, told from the perspective of two families, one of white settlers and one of Native Americans.

Russell Means Russell Means

Michael Spears Michael Spears

And many more you may know, joined in the making of this TV Film.

The Jillian Michaels Show

The Jillian Michaels Show

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Perpetuum Jazzile – Africa

I just remembered another  favorite music  group. That you might enjoy and their version of a Storm. So I found it to share:)

A perfomance by Perpetuum Jazzile using hands and feet to create the Storm … Looks like a choir, but they use their hands to imitate rain sounds and  thunder by jumping. … Raining Jumping, clapping, fingersnapping, sounds like rain thunder amazing video .