Special events include jazz with the Larry Redhouse Trio

The National Museum of the American Indian loc...

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National Museum of the American Indian Washington
Nightly News: The museum is open this weekend as usual. Special events
include jazz with the Larry Redhouse Trio at 11:30 AM and 2:30 PM EDT
Saturday, and the film River of Renewal at 12:30 PM Saturday and 12:30
and 3:30 PM Sunday. Calendar of events at the link.


Larry Redhouse, World Class Jazz

June 23rd, 2008 by Buffalohair admin

It’s been a very busy year and work has piled up at my desk to astronomical proportions. Thumbing through a stack of media kits I came across one from Larry Redhouse so I decided to play this particular CD and what a pleasure it was. Though I was swamped with news and reviews I had to take a time out and listen to this wonderfully articulate jazz trio “The Larry Redhouse Trio”

trio museum

Contemporary Jazz at its finest is the only way I can describe his CD “Spirit Progression” fore I could not stop listening. From the first piece Spirit Progression to the last Understanding I was mesmerized and totally captivated by this wonderfully talented trio’s musical repartee. Small wonder they opened for the likes of Chick Corea, Terrence Blanchard and Donald Harrison.

Performances at the Smithsonian, The Kennedy Center, The Steinway Peace Piano Concert and the Grenoble Jazz Fest in Grenoble France are a testament this trio’s ability to captivate even the most discerning music aficionado. But don’t take my word, listen for yourself and I guarantee you will enjoy this musical journey.




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National Museum of the American Indian The four environments surrounding the museum form an oasis of native plant species on the National Mall. The NMAI blog offers some background to help people enjoy an unusual weekend in Washington.



Suppose you visit the museum on a Washington spring day when it’s too beautiful to be indoors, even in the museum’s spectacular space. Or you come and find the Smithsonian closed. Why would it be closed? Maybe it’s a lovely…

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