Monett Teen Has YouTube Hit About Justin Bieber

Monett Teen Has YouTube Hit About Justin Bieber.

Reported by: Joy Robertson
Friday, April 01 2011
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(Monett, MO) — If you’re a teenage girl, or the parent of one, you’ve no doubt heard of Justin Bieber.

The singer has captured the hearts of millions of young admirers and “one” put her feelings into a song.

That “one” is from Monett, Missouri. What started as a Facebook post has led to millions of hits on you tube, and set a 14-year-old on the fast track to stardom.

Michaela Wallace grew up playing guitar and always liked to write songs.

“But kind of just like for myself. I didn’t show anybody.”

But she did show one on Facebook and less than a year later.

“Crazy,” she says. “Craziness.”

Crazy, because a song she co-wrote about another teenager: heartthrob Justin Bieber. Since the video hit YouTube, the hits kept coming.

“Nearly two million,” adds Michaela.

Parents Michael and Diann are just trying to catch their breath since that first Facebook post, when a total stranger from Nashville invited their daughter to visit.

“There’s this, at the time 13-year-old, pulls her guitar out and starts playing for a bunch of strangers,” says Michaela’s dad, Michael Wallace.

That led to the video, shot in Nashville.

“A lady who’s a videographer who does work for for Lady Antebellum and Martina McBride freed up a couple of days on a weekend and they shot the video,” says Michael. “Posts on her Facebook and Twitter from all over the world, China, Morocco.”

And it’s all because of a teen crush and a lot of talent.

“It was really just exciting to be on camera and get to try on different clothes to wear, and it was just a lot of fun,” she says.

What’s next for the Monett teen? The sky’s the limit — no boyfriend necessary.

“Go on tour, play my music for millions of people all over the world, that would just be really incredible,” says Michaela.

Michaela met Justin Bieber at a concert “meet and greet” and the two played the X-Box Kinect game together.

That was before the video, and her dad says she was so nervous she forgot to tell him about the song.

Later this month, Michaela and her parents will go to New York City for a media tour, and she’s in the process of writing more songs.

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