Re: Japan’s Killer Quake, Review at Planet Earth

Global earthquake epicenters, 1963 1998

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Wow huh? Yes, I just watched NOVA on PBS

Japan’s Killer Quake


They are looking for a 9. quake on the Pacific West Coast. As the plates are doing the very same thing here in the USA.

But I just found info,  that where I am living here in the Mid-West,that  it may be the first to go!  We have all ready had 1008 earthquakes in the State ARK. right below me. My neighborhood is almost empty! What a time to have no car or money eh! lol So I will keep my humor about me . Mainly my faith of course. Have you ever thought about how you will travel on? Every time a Tornado past by:) I am from the West Coast so have lived through earthquakes so far.  What if you live through it all? Wow huh?

NOVA Planet Earth, Japan’s Killer Quake

An eyewitness account and investigation of the epic earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear crisis Aired March 30, 2011 on PBS. They have added on a lot of Information in videos and audio to follow up on.

  • Find the Tectonic Fault video In this seismic image, see if you can locate an unsettling new fault just discovered beneath the Mississippi River.
  • Extinction Happens Audio MIT geologist Sam Bowring muses on mass extinctions and why we can’t take Earth’s hospitable climate for granted.
  • See more at the link below>


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