GMO Foods, Where is the Taste?

GMO Foods, Where is the Taste?

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After reading reams of material about GMO foods from both sides I believe I do have a handle on the GMO controversy. In a way both sides cancel each other out with claims and counters claim but there is one overriding fact that swayed me to join the anti-GMO camp, the food has no taste. The food tastes dead and does not have that rich savory flavor food used to have. GMO food looks real pretty and in the superficial world we live I guess looks are all that matters after all. But for me, GMO foods of any kind are an anemic and tasteless alternative to real food and it makes me wonder if it actually has nutritional value.

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Re: Japan’s Killer Quake, Review at Planet Earth

Global earthquake epicenters, 1963 1998

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Wow huh? Yes, I just watched NOVA on PBS

Japan’s Killer Quake


They are looking for a 9. quake on the Pacific West Coast. As the plates are doing the very same thing here in the USA.

But I just found info,  that where I am living here in the Mid-West,that  it may be the first to go!  We have all ready had 1008 earthquakes in the State ARK. right below me. My neighborhood is almost empty! What a time to have no car or money eh! lol So I will keep my humor about me . Mainly my faith of course. Have you ever thought about how you will travel on? Every time a Tornado past by:) I am from the West Coast so have lived through earthquakes so far.  What if you live through it all? Wow huh?

NOVA Planet Earth, Japan’s Killer Quake

An eyewitness account and investigation of the epic earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear crisis Aired March 30, 2011 on PBS. They have added on a lot of Information in videos and audio to follow up on.

  • Find the Tectonic Fault video In this seismic image, see if you can locate an unsettling new fault just discovered beneath the Mississippi River.
  • Extinction Happens Audio MIT geologist Sam Bowring muses on mass extinctions and why we can’t take Earth’s hospitable climate for granted.
  • See more at the link below>

Heart Truth Fashion Show to raise awareness, via Buffy Sainte-Marie

More than 600 people packed downtown Toronto’s Carlu Thursday — and over 130 logged online — to see a slew of Canadian celebrities, gracing the catwalk for the Heart Truth Fashion Show to raise awareness, educate and empower women and men about heart disease and stroke.

Nuclear Nior

Nuclear Nior

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Surly radiation is the gift that keeps on giving and now I am informed rain or snow will be radioactive and not to collect the runoff. That is just ducky because it looks like a snow storm is brewing in the high country. Oh well, so I’ll have some radioactive snow to shovel. Won’t be the first time. There is something I have noticed today; the daylight sky has an ominous tint to it. An elder pointed out the haze and commented on how it looked like an omen or shroud over the Rockies. We could see and feel it somehow and it was not a good thing. After all, this came on the heels of our radioactive weekend and now it’s the radioactive weekday, oh boy.

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Angel-Jana Mashonee

Jana Mashonee Hi
Everyone! I am starting a fund raiser for Japan. All proceeds of every
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Jana Mashonee – The Spirit Of One

Song:Angel Album:NEW MOON BORN Musician: Jana Mashonee Piano

Film Moonhair

Right now, i’m in Montana working on this film. ALL NATIVE AMERICAN cast! I play the ‘Old Man.’ Do it. Support this movie if you wanna see it be a huge success!! Thanks. repost or share pls

The adventurous tale of an Indian heroine, Moonhair, who must retrieve the Singing Buffalo Stone from the evil Dung Eaters. Without the Stone to call forth the buffalo her tribe of The Last Best People will perish. Making matters worse, Old Man, the trickster god, enjoys creating problems for her and her would-be lover and helper, Easy Runner, has a fear of sharp objects like knives and arrows. Only by discovering the hidden magic in her moon-white hair will Moonhair survive.