Native Soul Extraordinaire, Skylar Wolf

Native Soul Extraordinaire, Skylar Wolf

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Nothing exemplifies world class entertainment better than Skylar Wolf. From the depths of the human experience comes an impassioned entertainer/storyteller who sings stories of life from the perspective of a survivor of man’s inhumanity to man. Writhe with emotions from the human experience Skylar Wolf tells a story of reality that brings one to the actuality of our faceless contemporary era.

Likened to Bob Dylan with the flare of Janis Joplin, Skylar takes you on a journey through life and its harsh realities with such classics like “Shelter” and “Devil’s Son”, just to name a few. In an era where material consequence prevails over humanity it is heartening to note Skylar Wolf is the ambassador for the ignored people of this planet. He is truly a humanitarian on and of stage. His stories are poignant and dig deep into the soul of all who listen as he serenades the stories from the streets in a way only Skylar can. Coming from hard street myself I know Skylar speaks from his soul and that is why I call him “Native Soul Extraordinaire” for he is the voice of the voiceless people.

Truly a rising star, this world class entertainer is well worth your time and it is with great pleasure that I recommend you spend the time to check out this wonderfully talented award winning artist.

Skylar tells it like it is.